How to use

Eyeshadow palette:

Our eyeshadows are made with natural and organic ingredients which means every ingredient is sourced from the earth and no harmful ingredients have been used to create or have been included in the process of making the product.

Our products might take a slight extra effort to apply in comparison to other make up brands. We suggest using an eyeshadow primer, glitter glue, or concealer prior to applying the eyeshadow to increase longevity.

For shimmer shadow, pearls or micas are what gives the eyeshadow that shiny shimmery look. In regards to natural eyeshadows there are only a few shades of pearls like gold and silver that exist naturally which we can add to the shadows which is why shades like Taj Mahal, Sona, and Tamara are very pigmented and shimmery since those shades are more on the neutral side.

For shades like Rani, Mayil, and Kerala, if we add too much of the gold or silver shimmer pearl to the zinc oxide which is the main ingredient for color, it would manipulate the color we had intended to create. So we used less pearls and more zinc oxide for those three shades.

So since there are less pearls in Rani, Mayil, and Kerala, there is less of a shimmer and the shades need to be used with a wet brush to achieve the full pigment and color that we intended. You can wet your eyeshadow brush by using a setting spray or any facial mist!

These are just some steps that come with creating certain natural ingredient cosmetics. Our eyeshadows are gorgeously pigmented regardless and we hope you love them as much as we loved creating them!