Our Mission


Cruelty free, Vegan, and made with natural and organic ingredients

We are committed to keeping our company as ethical as possible. Drugging, torturing, and forcibly testing cosmetics on innocent animals for our vanity is something we would NEVER want to participate in! We have thoroughly researched our manufacturers and suppliers ensuring that everyone we work with is cruelty free, vegan, and sources their ingredients ethically.

We are also continuously educating ourselves in creating products with the cleanest ingredients to ensure that our customers are using cosmetics that won’t harm them in any way. All of our ingredients are made with natural and organic ingredients, 100% vegan with no animal byproducts, and almost 70% of our product is pure pigments. 


Cultural education 

The whole purpose of our brand is to bring attention to India’s beautifully diverse cultures through the art and science of makeup. We strive to educate others on the Indian culture and hope that people finally see themselves in a beauty brand.


How we give back:  

We are proud supporters of Destiny Rescue which is an amazing non-profit organization that has worked tirelessly to end child sex trafficking in countries all over the world such as India, the Philippines, Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Cambodia. We promise to donate a percentage of our annual sales to Destiny Rescue and we aim to work alongside them in making a safer world for all children!